Thursday, 26 August 2010

Creative Excursions

Have you read that amazing book 'Simple Abundance'?

It's all about gratitude and finding your 'authentic self'. Sounds strange , I know , but it works.

One of the things the author suggests is that we all take regular 'Creative Excursions'.
What could be nicer? A legitimate excuse to do something for yourself, be that taking time to make some art or go for a wander to somewhere inspiring. . . .

Once a week, that's what's prescribed and I highly recommend it. . .

The other day I decided to take my C.E. on the way to the supermarket, well it wasn't really on the way but who cares!

I went to a garden centre near here where they have a bird hide overlooking woodland, armed with the usual kit. . .camera , sketch book, flask of coffee ( and shopping list just in case I made it to Tesco).

Time whizzed past, lots of lovely birds to watch, including a Sparrow hawk which nearly flew into the hide. I don't know who was more suprised, him or me?!

Then just as I was about to leave , this sweet creature wandered in. . . .

A Muntjac deer, looking straight at me, then ignoring me and carrying on eating the goodies on the woodland floor. I could see her beautiful eyes and her shiny, wet nose. . . . yes, definitely better than a trip to Tesco.

Welcome home!

Shoes for a Daisy Fairy

I'm saying 'Welcome Home' as I've been wandering around trying to find the right home for my new blog!

It's not easy, I'm technically challenged and haven't a clue. . . . I tried moving to Typepad . . . but I couldn't work it out.(Please don't let that put you off though, Tyepad works great for loads of people, just not for me!)

Now I feel really dim !

So . . . . . here I am, back with dear old Blogger, wishing I'd never left!

I shall try to come up with some tantalising tales for anyone who happens to pass this way, in the meantime I'll get back to stitching a few more stories. . . .