Thursday, 26 August 2010

Creative Excursions

Have you read that amazing book 'Simple Abundance'?

It's all about gratitude and finding your 'authentic self'. Sounds strange , I know , but it works.

One of the things the author suggests is that we all take regular 'Creative Excursions'.
What could be nicer? A legitimate excuse to do something for yourself, be that taking time to make some art or go for a wander to somewhere inspiring. . . .

Once a week, that's what's prescribed and I highly recommend it. . .

The other day I decided to take my C.E. on the way to the supermarket, well it wasn't really on the way but who cares!

I went to a garden centre near here where they have a bird hide overlooking woodland, armed with the usual kit. . .camera , sketch book, flask of coffee ( and shopping list just in case I made it to Tesco).

Time whizzed past, lots of lovely birds to watch, including a Sparrow hawk which nearly flew into the hide. I don't know who was more suprised, him or me?!

Then just as I was about to leave , this sweet creature wandered in. . . .

A Muntjac deer, looking straight at me, then ignoring me and carrying on eating the goodies on the woodland floor. I could see her beautiful eyes and her shiny, wet nose. . . . yes, definitely better than a trip to Tesco.


Penny said...

Must look for that book, what a wonderful thing to do, and see instead of shopping.
We went walking this morning by the sea, very rough and saw two seals swimming and diving. Not easy to take photos of, I am about to load them now.

Clare Wassermann said...

yes the abundance and gratitude way brings you more good things I know that for sure. I'll look for this book, but it sounds like another one called The Secret. Powerful stuff. Have you heard of Cygnus books? A lovely little company in Wales that specializes in these kinds of books and has good discounts.

annette emms said...

Penny - How wonderful, to wander by the ocean.
Wish I could call round and come with you!

Clare - thank you so much for that, I've ordered a copy, can't wait.

mnblonde said...

I love those deer-we have some at a zoo near here and they are so sweet and they always come to me to be petted-i wish i could have a few for pets!! Bridget in MN USA

annette emms said...

Bridget - Nice to meet you!