Monday, 29 November 2010

It was so cold this morning, Rowan and I had a long and lazy breakfast , sitting in front of the fire with coffee and toast. I could get used to this.

We went (eventually.....!) for a walk across the fields. Rowan, like all our dogs, loves the cold and frosty weather.
She went' cracker dog' chasing real and imaginary rabbits through the Christmas trees .
Further on, the Fieldfares were making the most of the last few apples in the orchard. . .noisy birds, but so beautiful.
Later on , I went to see a friend for coffee and passed this cottage on the way. I've driven past it many times and thought 'how sad, derelict and unloved, once someone's home'.
But today, it had turned into a magic cottage, painted all over with frost.
I wish I'd gone and peered through the windows, I wonder what's inside?
Anyway, at least I had my camera with me, because, after all, you never know when you might drive past a magic cottage. . . . . . .

Yesterday I ran a workshop at a local hall, we made books and had a most productive day with lots of chat and creativity!
During the day we were visited by this darling little Bear .(Mummy Bear was busy making books!)


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which i love most - that baby bear or the forlorn cottage. I think the cottage might win because it would make such a concertina-tale, don't you think? In fabric of course. (I can see it, or others like it, nestling in the pages of a lace-and-linen book, using some of the exquisite 20p table-mats I bought today in a charity shop in Chipping Norton. But then as always I get carried away, and where I will find the time, I cannot say.)

Catfish Tales said...

How adorable! However do you make books??

annette emms said...

Ann - I really wish I'd peeped through those windows,taken more pics. . .what fun! Still, now we'll have to make up the story to go with the cottage. .eh?Love your idea of the lace and linen book!x

Catfish - In this class we made 3 'art' books with mixed media covers and hand painted pages.They're great for using as journals and you can write in them with one of those juicy , white , gel pens!
How's your novel coming along? x

Clare Wassermann said...

I think Rowan must still be having chilly fun!