Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Telling a story.

I'm trying to tell a story here. . .my husband's ancestors.
I don't know who they are, anyone that did has left us long ago.
Their faces fascinate and intrigue me.
So, I'm telling their story without words, just soft fabrics, gentle stitches and haunting images, transferred with emulsion paint.


Catherine said...

I love that! it is so interesting too.

I have been using my printer to print on fabrics. I take it that is not how you did this though.

annette emms said...

Hi Catherine! Thank you.
I use emulsion paint to transfer images, there's a tutorial on my other blog www.rowanspatch.blogspot.com.
Annette x

Anonymous said...

This is magic; and for me all the more so because it was you, Annette, who showed me how to do emulsion transfers. It's not just the transfer that are so bewitching in your ancestral piece, but the soft quilting and as you say, such gentle stitching. (And I love your new blog header),

annette emms said...

Ann - Bless you! I hope you're well and enjoying the journey! x