Monday, 20 December 2010

I just love this picture. It says so much and holds so much that I am grateful for.
My daughter Rachael, dear little Phoebe who is carefully holding our new addition. . . my son Nicks's little girl Mia.

Three precious girls.

Last week I went with Rachael, to Phoebe's Carol Service at the church in her village. It was such a joy. . . the children all arrived holding hands ( there are only about 42 in the school) and they filled the lovely old church with their sweet voices and their faces, full of wonder and smiles.
We sang the traditional Christmas Carols, and tried not to shiver too much.
Rach and I couldn't look at each other as a few tears escaped.
Then we all went back to school for coffee and mince pies, (next to the radiator which I shared with the vicar).
It was one of those really special times (the carol service, not sharing the radiator with the vicar!)
Outside, we have rather a lot of snow and it is so cold!
So , being more or less confined to quarters, I'm having some unexpected days sewing, making brief visits to the outside world and trying to stay upright whilst I walk Rowan and watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' yet again. Bliss.