Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blowing away the cobwebs. .

After having lots of fun on Christmas day with this little minx, I thought it was time to blow away the cobwebs.
We parked in Burford, met up with some dear friends and walked along the river Windrush .(well we walked and Rowan swam as usual)
It such a lovely (and flat!) walk.
Our goal was the pretty church of St.Oswald at Widford.
It stands all on it's own in a field, near the river, all wrapped in layer after layer of history and the prayers of centuries.
It sits where once stood a roman villa, the patterned Mosaic tiles of the roman floor are there still, underneath the flagstones.
Such bright sunshine came through the windows , lighting up the simple, beautiful decoration.

We wandered slowly back along the river, watched the swans for a while , then headed to the pub for a late lunch. . . . . .
Oh it was wonderful! Log fire, flagstone floor , ancient settles covered in comfy cushions and the food was delicious.
We sat  chatting, eating and drinking for nearly three hours.
I could get used to this!
Happy New Year to you and yours. xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Here come the girls. . . . .

Here come the girls. . .more of them! These are on their way into a new workshop for next year's Jersey Textile Showcase.
Yep, this is fun. Using lots of fabric scaps

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Treasure on the beach!

Well, looking out of the window, Summer seems to have made a quick exit. I hope not. A lovely September would be just what we need.
I've had a very busy but most enjoyable summer. My little feet have hardly touched the floor!
Dashing up and down the country, visiting different groups. I've met so many lovely people and I'd like to thank them all for making me so welcome.
We did a Book Wraps workshop here, in Evesham and I couldn't resist showing you the fantastic work that my friend Sue bought along.
Rowan and I have been doing lots of walking and our favourite has been along our own version of the Halcyon river.
Being a Flat Coated Retriever, my dog loves water. So. . . .she swims along while I follow the footpath.
Over the last few months we've watched the landscape change, the wheat ripen and wild flowers in their best clothes. We watched the Buzzard family raise their young, teaching them to fly and hunt over the fields under Bredon Hill.
Best of all, after about a mile we come to a wood , the river twists and turns and then our favourite place appears. . . a little pebble beach.
Oh dear, I've spent so much time here, sitting on the river bank . It's a place of dappled sunlight, dancing leaves and laughing water. Heaven.
The Kingfisher flew past a few times, even though Rowan makes a bit too much noise, splashing.
On the beach I found treasure, just some fossils, but treasure anyway. Lovely little star shaped crinoids, devils toe nails, belamnites and others I can't identify. ( Hope I've got the spelling right!)
Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching at Westhope Craft college for the first time.
What a wonderful place, in deepest Shropshire. Have a look at their website, its all very tempting!
We were making folding books and some fantastic work was produced. . in spite of (or perhaps because of) all the chatting, laughing and eating.
It was a great weekend and an inspirational place in which to spend it.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I don't know . . .since I started doing my textile/story telling work full time my time management skills, which weren't good anyway, have deteriorated.
Hence the lengthy gaps between blog posts, feverish activity when deadlines approach and general chaos.
Still, at least I don't have anyone but me moaning at my lack of forward thinking!
On Saturday, when I should of course have been doing er. . A, B and C, my lovely husband told me about the Glorious Gloucestershire flower festival in Gloucester Cathedral.
He'd heard a piece on the radio and thought I'd be interested.
You bet!
Now, I'm really not a lover of formal,church flowers, I prefer my flowers growing wild.
Like the Honeysuckle covering the high, scented hedges in Cornwall, or the Bluebells in the May woodland. But . . . . combine the weird and wonderful history and majesty in Gloucester Cathedral with so much floral beauty , and I'm sold.....all the way.
It was wonderful.
I picked my favourite to share with you (above), it's known as the Lancastrian Tomb.

A rather private looking Knight and his Lady resting for eternity.
I was awe struck by the beauty and ethereal quality of the flowers and the talent of those who had arranged them.
May our Knight and his Lady continue to sleep peacefully in their fragrant and beautiful bower.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

How did this happen? Our son got married on Saturday and I'm wondering . . where the years went?
A lovely day, full of family, kisses and friends.
Dancing and laughing with the handsome young men who used to fill my house with their muddy football kits and huge feet!
Do I sound a bit sad? Not really, happy/sad, if you know what I mean!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring!. . .Time for some new shoes. . .

Rowan and I have been for some lovely walks these last few days, through the orchards , where the plum blossom played host to the Ladybirds and gave off it's delicious and delicate scent . . .
Sunday, up on the top of the hill, we walked along part of the Cotswold Way, though Rowan looks unsure whether to venture through the gap.

We saw Buzzards swooping and free falling, a tiny Goldcrest, who was unperturbed by Rowan's bustling about and then ended our stroll in the cafe at Broadway Tower.

Our tray of tea arrived complete with a dish of water and bickies for Rowan!

Spring is always a good time for new shoes (I know, anytime is a good time for new shoes!) so. . .

I've made several pairs , this time for the Pixies.

These little boots are about 4 1/2 inches long, a bit bigger than my Fairy Shoes.

If you think you might like to make little boots for a Pixie, there is an article in the current issue of Stitch magazine (Issue 70) and I'm going to be selling kits with all you need, at the Quilts and Embroidery Show at Uttoxeter (15th,16th and 17th. April).

The other piece of news I have is that . . .at long last I have my own Website, where you can see details of my work and what I'll be up to.

I had a great day at the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC, spent far too much money and now I've promised myself not to go out for several months. . .ho ho!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jersey Textile Showcase

I feel so fortunate to have been invited to take part in this amazing event! St Aubin.

Can you imagine the fun we had on this beautiful Island?
It was all organised by the lovely Pat and Elizabeth, founders of Art in the Frame and owners of the Harbour Gallery.
All the events (workshops, exhibitions, competitions, Gala Dinner etc.etc.) are based around the village of St. Aubin.
Folding Books workshop.

The workshop venues are all within a few minutes walk of each other, so no need for cars and always the possibility of meeting fellow stitchers en route to the next 'Jolly', or on the way back clutching evidence of new techniques learnt or artworks in progress.

We made Fairy Shoes . . . . . . . .

and learnt ways to transfer images onto fabric.
Other tutors offered fabulous painting techniques, Rag Rug making , all sorts of Hand Stitching, stumpwork, doll making, jewelry making and so much more!
Our Guest House was so pretty and we spent hours over the most delicious breakfast. Snacks were taken at the cafe in the Harbour Gallery, which became the 'hub' of our comings and goings.A lovely place to meet and talk with new friends.
The whole week was wrapped in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Those that know me won't be surprised to hear that I managed to find some lovely old churches to lurk around.
The Fisherman's Chapel at St Brelade was a real treat. The inside covered with some of the best wall paintings I have seen anywhere.
Outside, there is a pretty 'Sanctuary Path' which leads down to the beach.
I was delighted , when talking to the vicar to be told that churches don't have to be locked on Jersey. Isn't that wonderful!

Plemont Beach

We even had time to explore a little. . . . amongst other places we enjoyed visiting the biggest and best Charity Shop I've ever seen, at St. Ouen's village and a picnic on the beautiful beach at Plemont.
I laughed, ate and talked . . . . talked far too much , then like all good things it was soon over. . happy days!

Harbour View Guest House

Friday, 4 March 2011

Off to Jersey!

Hidden Treasure Pages from "The Legend of Robin Horsehill"

I'm so pleased to be able to tell you that I've been asked to teach at Westhope College in Shropshire.

I shall be doing a two day class on 3rd and 4th September on making a 'Book in a Box' and then on 22nd and 23rd October I'll be doing the Hidden Treasures Book class .

Now, I'm just going to pack my suitcase and try to force all I need into the car, ready for my trip to the Jersey Textile Showcase. I'm excited! See you soon. x

Friday, 25 February 2011

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went for a long walk with Rowan and her pal Millie , we met some remarkable trees.
There's an old green lane which leads up to and around Bredon Hill. The lane is full of history, in particular, these ancient trees which mark a long forgotten watercourse.

We saw lots of birds and could hear the hunt in the distance, the dogs got very muddy and Rowan showed Millie how to roll in unpleasant 'stuff'.
Then we found this tree. . . . .can anyone else see Donald Duck?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Some more pictures of Jack Frost's magic. . . .with a bit of help from Photoshop and the wonderful djpettitt.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Last week we walked in an enchanted forest, where the snow lay and the mist swirled. . . . .
I added a bit more magic, with the help of Photoshop and a texture background from djpettitt.

This week, it's back to work and , hopefully. . . new adventures.