Monday, 18 July 2011

I don't know . . .since I started doing my textile/story telling work full time my time management skills, which weren't good anyway, have deteriorated.
Hence the lengthy gaps between blog posts, feverish activity when deadlines approach and general chaos.
Still, at least I don't have anyone but me moaning at my lack of forward thinking!
On Saturday, when I should of course have been doing er. . A, B and C, my lovely husband told me about the Glorious Gloucestershire flower festival in Gloucester Cathedral.
He'd heard a piece on the radio and thought I'd be interested.
You bet!
Now, I'm really not a lover of formal,church flowers, I prefer my flowers growing wild.
Like the Honeysuckle covering the high, scented hedges in Cornwall, or the Bluebells in the May woodland. But . . . . combine the weird and wonderful history and majesty in Gloucester Cathedral with so much floral beauty , and I'm sold.....all the way.
It was wonderful.
I picked my favourite to share with you (above), it's known as the Lancastrian Tomb.

A rather private looking Knight and his Lady resting for eternity.
I was awe struck by the beauty and ethereal quality of the flowers and the talent of those who had arranged them.
May our Knight and his Lady continue to sleep peacefully in their fragrant and beautiful bower.