Monday, 23 April 2012

Quilters Guild Regional day and an enchanted meadow.

 On Saturday I was at Eaton Bray in Bedfordshire, with the ladies of Region 7 of the Quilters Guild.

A full programme of events, delicious cakes and lunch, retail opportunities. Such an enjoyable day, thank you so much for inviting me

On Sunday Mike and I went to visit an ancient hay meadow at Cricklade in Wiltshire.                                                               The meadow is home to 80% of this country's Snakeshead Fritillary plants.
We had occasional glimpses of Spring sunshine and the meadow was transformed into an enchanted world.

I wanted to lie down in the grass . . . but it was damp and I would have squashed some of the precious and rare beauty growing there!
So instead, we went into the 'Fritillary Tearooms' and had a lovely, home cooked lunch. 


ersi marina said...

I can't believe those flowers have patchwork-like stains on their petals! Is this how they really are? :))

annette emms said...

Yes Ersi marina, the flowers are just as they appear in my photo. Magical aren't they? Can you imagine a whole meadow, full of them!
Annette x

Clare Wassermann said...

Wow that quantity is just amazing....I have one lovely plant in my garden which has both white and patchwork flowers in abundance this year. I count myself lucky but would have love to have seen this meadow. Xx

annette emms said...

Hi Clare, they really were an amazing sight., well worth the journey. X

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Have a look at some of the work we did for Cricklade Bloomers and Natural England last year. We had great fun.
Best wishes

annette emms said...

Hi Maggie, lovely to see you too! Thanks for your input. . Bless you! X

Morna said...

What a gorgeous meadow!