Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy May Day!

I love May, my favourite month, I like all the other months too. . .but May, May is special, Queen of Months.

Admittedly, the weather today was not bright and sunny, but the rain stopped in time for the annual MayDay celebrations in the village of Offenham, about 2 miles from my home town of Evesham. You can find out more about the festivities here.
Every year a May Queen is chosen and the dancing takes place around the Maypole.

The marvellous Pebworth Morris Men. . . not forgetting the fool

 The dancing feet of the Belle d'Vain Clog Morris dancers.

The finale was the village ladies Maypole dance display. Lovely, foot tapping stuff!
I learnt these dances as a child, we had a Maypole at our school and we used to put on a MayDay show.
These days it's fun to watch, oh . . and try the local brew!


Clare Wassermann said...

... and what about those decorated sticks the Morris Men have!!!!

annette emms said...

Yep . . . Cool sticks! And guess what the last dance was called? Only the 'Evesham stick'. Perfect. X

Clare Wassermann said...

Phwah!! The Annette Emms theme tune!!!!!

Laura Dyson said...

HAHAHA WOW im one of the maypole dancers there good old maypole dancing in offenham... i do love may day