Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Playing Hooky

It was one of those days when things happen,
Nice things. . .like having company for breakfast. Then later when Mia had gone home, well it was such a beautiful day.
It was either tackle the long 'ToDo' list or play hooky and go out with my dog.
No prizes for guessing which choice I made.

We walked for miles along the river to this favourite spot.It seems to have become very overgrown with weeds, but they're so pretty and the view is a bit special. . .

Nothing to disturb me, just the birds and the sunshine. . .
and Rowan jumping in and out of the river, bless her. The afternoon just vanished and soon it was time to head home. I'll get up early tomorrow to tackle that list. . . .well maybe.


Clare Wassermann said...

Hmmm perfect. I was thinking the other day...where was the place you found the river fossils?
By the way it's your fault but I bought some Woler shoes today in Shrewsbury!!!!

Clare Wassermann said...

Oops Wolker I mean!!!

annette emms said...

Hi Clare. Yeh, blame me, I don't care.
The fossil beaches are along the river Isbourne from Evesham, just passed Hinton on the Green. Want me to draw you a map?
Have you recovered from the quilt show? X