Sunday, 13 May 2012

Poor, lonely Thomas

 The other day I met some friends and we visited St. Peters church in Winchcombe to do some sketching.
Lots of wonders here, even some embroidery worked by Henry the Eighth's first wife, Catherine of Aragon. . . . . . but my heart was moved by the quaint, armoured figure of Thomas Williams.
 Poor Thomas, he's been kneeling here staring at an empty space for more than 370 years.
The space opposite him was reserved for his widow, but she married again and preferred to rest with her second husband. . .poor Thomas.
I couldn't let May pass without showing you the place (near here) where the Bluebells bloom and the Fairies dance in Spring........


Kit and Kaboodle said...

Poor Thomas indeed. I love the quirkiness of your tale, and like you, enjoy taking photos of fairy abodes. Sadly though, I never actually get to see any, no matter how hard I look!

annette emms said...

Why thank you!
I had a look at your blog too. . Lovely pictures. Keep looking for the fairies, I'm sure they're there somewhere! X

Deena Beverley said...

Faeries are everywhere. Angels even more so. Thankyou for a wonderful talk at Marlborough Embroiderers' Guild today. Just spellbinding, and so generous of you to include a mini workshop. A perfect mix of pragmatism and poetry. Loved it, as I did your fairy shoe workshop with my daughter a few years back. All the very best from a dusk kissed Wiltshire. I've posted about you on my blog today. I'm new to blogging (technophobe!) so bear with me !!

annette emms said...

Hi Deena, so pleased that you enjoyed the talk today. It was great to chat with you again , thank you for your encouragement. Oh. . And good luck with your poorly foot! X