Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee fun.

 What fun we all had over the weekend, celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!
The rain did its best to spoil things, but hey, we're used to that.
My daughters' village had a Jubilee Pageant and Phoebe was chosen to be the Jubilee Princess!
Can you imagine how excited she was. . . just look at her carriage.
 All the houses and cottages were covered with flags and flowers, lovely.

 This isn't soft focus, just rain on the lens. . . .

Next day, a world of difference. . .a sunny spot in Mum's garden . . .
and a handsome fella posing for the camera. Love the hairdo.


Catherine said...

I was so envious. The British sure know how to have a party!
Thank you for the gorgeous pictures.

annette emms said...

Thanks Catherine, it was the most wonderful few days!