Monday, 16 July 2012

Folded Books in Frome

Some of the super results of our Folded Books workshop in Frome.
Look at the fabulous coffee dyed calico in the top right hand corner. . . well done Ben!
More pictures in the previous post.


Clare Wassermann said...

oh wow I like looking at your work close up - love your room. Neat.
Your book group have got some great things to work on x

annette emms said...

Thanks Clare, he he, you should have seen my room 5 minutes earlier! X

Gillywallflower said...

'Folded books in Frome' sounds very poetic or like a film title. I love the work that was produced.

Clare Wassermann said...

Ha yes I see you for your comment on my blog.... I'm glad the flower dyeing worked out so well!

Maggi said...

Fabulous results.