Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weekend in Paris

I had the most amazing time in Paris! It was wonderful to have Fanny as my guide and she wizzed me around her favourite places. Above are the pretty gardens near the Louvres.

I've always wanted to visit Notre Dame de Paris, it was certainly not a disappointment, I loved it.
We wandered around, visited La Drougerie, an amazing emporium for all things  to do with knitting, sewing etc.etc.etc.
The staff are charming and so knowledgable, you can choose your yarn and they will wind how ever much you need into a ball. I chose 100 gms of a deep red Alpaca yarn, to make a scarf.
We visited the fabric area in the Marche St.Pierre, Montmartre. 
 All I can say is Wow! I've never seen such a huge selection of fabrics and the shop called Sacre Coupons had mountains of treasure! I got some green linen, several pieces of fine
wool and well . . .lots of stuff. Then we realised that I had to lugg it all back to England via Eurostar so I had to stop!
Time for coffee and a crepe with vanilla ice cream while we looked up at Sacre Coeur?

That evening we ate at 'Un Zebre a Montmartre', a small bar/ restaurant. Probably some of the best food I've ever eaten . . . !
Montmartre at night was magical, we lingered in the Place du Tertre, saw street theatre and musicians and listened to voices from all around the world.

            Sacre  Coeur at night.

                                                     The Conciergerie

                                                   A magical wedding shop in Montmartre.
I think that's probably enough for now. . Watch this space!

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Clare Wassermann said...

Oh that sounds wonderful. You have taken super photos xx