Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I was shocked when I realised just how long it is since I posted here.
I do feel a bit like I've been hibernating, well sort of, but a friend gave me a nudge when I said I didn't think I'd got anything to say.
She laughed and said something like "that doesn't sound like you!"

So here we are, and these lovelies were a gift from the same cheeky person.
Each little bloom is exquisite in its waxy perfection.

I've been working away, quietly at home, getting to grips with new workshops and a new talk., sampling and generally enjoying a slower pace for the moment.

Here's a little winter visitor to my embellished scene, a few snowflakes are falling and I reckon he's hoping for some of the mealworms on my bird table.....

This is such a sorry sight! Rowan has had an operation to have both of her dew claws removed.
Not nice, but she's certainly milking it for sympathy.
Stitches out on Friday , then hopefully .... back to normal! We've both missed our walks.

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Anonymous said...

This is serendipity - I will email you as to why; but I was only thinking of you today, looked at your blog and wondered if you were/are OK. xx

annette emms said...

Thanks Ann, look forward to catching up.x