Sunday, 9 February 2014

I've just got through half a box of Kleenex whilst watching the latest episode of 'Call the Midwife'. Oh dear, I'm worn out. It was so sad, mind you, a friend says that I would cry if you gave me an apple.
Which I guess means I must be soft.
I can remember when my son was about four years old, he asked why I kept reading books if they made me cry? No answer to that!

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I was looking at the photos on my iPad and found some pictures of my students work from last year, so here are a few.

These are Bookwraps made by some very talented ladies from the Wrekin branch of the Embroiderers guild.

Aren't they wonderful!

Next, some of the work produced during a really lovely weekend at Westhope College in October. We were making Embellished Books, when we weren't laughing that is!

The ideas, colours , enthusiasm and quality of work was so rewarding.
Well done ladies!

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Dee Priest said...

Yay haven't looked for ages! Couldn't sleep so idly clicked on you! Wide awake now so will have to do a bit more stitching. anyway do you fancy a trip to Devon next year? I suppose you could do a workshop as well in between talking and laughing. How about it?

annette emms said...

Dee, so lovely to hear from you ..... Hope I didn't give you nightmares!
I'd love to visit Devon next year, talking, laughing, workshops, whatever you fancy! Sounds good to me!
Love Annette x

Dee Priest said...

Only nice dreams! I'll be in touch with dates soon xxxx